Savannah River Protective Forces Cost Estimate

Date:14 Feb, 2015

Client:Savannah River Site


Savannah River Protective Forces Cost Estimate

The Protective Force Security Services contract for Savannah River Site (SRS) is issued by the Department of Energy. This $1 billion contract involves protecting government owned or leased property and material, Category I-IV special nuclear material, classified and sensitive information, vital facilities, support facilities, government and other SRS employees, and visitors to the SRS. The SRS complex covers 310 square miles encompassing parts or Allendale, Aiken, and Barnwell counties in South Carolina, bordering on the Savannah River. The performance of the work requires personnel to be available to respond seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Synergistics implemented the cost estimate development process and system to develop cost estimates. Synergistics participated in many aspects of cost estimate development, including documentation, training, implementation, and execution of this activity-based cost estimating system. The cost estimate exceeded 900 pages and included company-specific technical approaches to various work breakdown structures requiring detailed estimates, methodology, and basis of estimates. The estimate had hundreds of resources with varying labor rates, classifications, and complex burdening structures. The estimate used various cost estimating methods, including parametric, unit cost, and bottoms-up.

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