AECOM EVMS Development and Implementation

Date:12 Feb, 2015



AECOM EVMS Development and Implementation

Synergistics developed and implemented a complete Earned Value Management System (EVMS) on behalf of AECOM Government Services. This system was required to be complicit with ANSI/EIA Standard 748 and the DoD EVMS requirements.

Synergistics designed the system to integrate some of the most robust and capable EVMS tools available to ensure that not only would AECOM be complicit with their current DoD contracts but also allow for the system to be compliant with DOE EVMS as AECOM branched out into other work. The platform was designed around scheduling products from Primavera and EVMS tools from Deltek. Synergistics first created a robust database that enabled integration of the various tools utilizing Microsoft SQL server. This SQL database was designed and customized to integrate AECOM’s existing accounting system with the new suite of tools.

Upon completion of the SQL server database, Synergistics installed and implemented the latest scheduling software from Primavera, Primavera Project Management 6 (P6). Upon implementation of the software, our company created the enterprise project structure (EPS) for AECOM’s current DoD projects, while also ensuring that future projects that were planned or already bid upon would integrate into the EPS appropriately. Next, Synergistics created a work breakdown structure for one of AECOM’s current DoD projects being executed in the Middle East. This structure followed the standards required by DoD contracts and applied Project Management Institute (PMI) best practices.


Upon completion of the WBS, Synergistics facilitated the creation of high quality, DoD and contractually compliant schedule that would meet the needs and requirements of the EVMS. This schedule was a proof of concept for AECOM, and allowed them to meet the requirements necessary to execute the work scope of the contract.

During development and implementation of P6, Synergistics also implemented Deltek’s Cost Point and Winsight. Utilizing these tools, our company developed the proper rate structure and accompanying elements necessary to support the operations of EVMS. The installation of these tools, facilitated the management and reporting necessary to effectively manage a large and unique project while also meeting the rigorous requirements of the DoD and ANSI/EIA standards.


In addition to the development and implementation of an EVMS, Synergistics developed the Project Controls System Description. This document provided the direction and guidance toward the establishment and maintenance of a cost effective and efficient performance measurement system. Further, the document promulgated how AECOM would establish and maintain a project cost, schedule, and technical baseline within the framework of requirements while providing for the orderly and systematic authorization of work, budget, and funding for a project.

Upon completion of the Project Controls System Description, Synergistics provided training and documentation to our client to familiarize them with the system while insuring its effective implementation. This included training sessions in person, with key staff members as well as briefings and conference sessions with key decision makers and senior staff.


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