Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC

Date:14 Feb, 2015

Client:Savannah River Nuclear Solutions


Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC

Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC Recovery Act Projects consist of decommissioning and complete deactivation of P and R reactor, closing down of former heavy water production facilities, deactivation of D area power house and the remediation of 210 acres and 117,000 cubic yards of tritium contaminated soils and concrete. Other projects also involve the shutting down and deactivation of sites containing radioactive/hazardous material, and the continuation to remediate soil and ground water in the

COBRA Software Implementation
Synergistics has provided implementations services required to implement the current version of Cobra 5.0, to include the following: Facilitate the integration of cost, schedule and resource information from SRNS systems to Cobra. Mimic the Hanford Cobra configuration and provide lessons learned from Hanford’s implementation to SRNS’ execution for smooth transition.

Primavera Software Support
In addition, Synergistics developed a software implementation program that allows communication between Primavera—Scheduling Tool and Passport—Maintenance Work Order System. With this software application the Maintenance Work Order System time processing is reduced from five hours to thirty minutes. This increases performance and data integrity in the SRNS Maintenance Work Order System.

Project Value: $1,407,839,884

DBE D5M8422020 | CUCP 40163 | MBE M5M0022020